Supra Used Car Parts

Fuel Upgrades for the mkIII

June 23rd, 2008

Supra Fuel Pressure RegulatorFuel system is another area where mkIII Supras need some help. To ensure that there is enough fuel supply for the targeted higher horsepower, an adjustable fuel pressure regulator from Aeromotive was installed. Supra Fuel Pressure GaugeA fuel pressure gauge mounted on the fuel rail provides accurate fuel pressure readings helping in setting of base line fuel pressure of 40psi. Base fuel pressure setting needs to be done with engine not running. With the ignition in “ON” position, connect “B+” and “Fp” points on the Diagnostic Connector under the hood to pressurize the fuel system.

HKS Twin Power DLI Ignition Upgrade

June 19th, 2008

Supra HKS Twin Power Ignition UpgradeTo improve performance of the Supra ignition system, an HKS Twin Power DLI ignition amplifier was installed. The Twin Power ignition amplifier incorporates both the CDI and transistor method ignition to provide optimum spark duration and maximum voltage output, resulting in crisper throttle response and a smoother engine powerband. The effects of this upgrade were felt during first drive after the install.

Supra Rims & Brakes Upgrade

June 11th, 2008

Mk3 Supra Rims & Brakes UpgradeA set of Bortex RPM 18″ rims from Enkei was wrapped in low profile Falken tires and installed on all four corners. Front brakes were also upgraded with custom combination: a pair MkIV Supra 12″ directional rotors custom fitted, in combination with Nissan 4 piston aluminum brake calipers installed using custom brackets from Custom made brake pads were utilized. Goodridge stainless steel braided brake lines replaced factory rubber lines to minimize the “spongy” feel of the brake pedal.

MkIII Custom Leather Interior

June 5th, 2008

Supra Leather InteriorSince the original grey leather interior was in a dismal shape it was necessary to step up and replace it with custom leather. MkIII leather InteriorA two-tone red and grey design was chosen to coordinate with dashboard and trim colour and to add a little “spice” with an accent colour. Passenger and cargo area carpet was also replaced with a molded replacement piece. Extra padding was added to improve soundproofing. New floor mats were installed.

Throttle Body JDM Style Conversion

May 31st, 2008

JDM Supra Throttle Body UpgradeAn excellent upgrade for manual transmission cars is removal of the throttle linkage assembly completely (look at the pics) and replacing it with JDM-style assembly which gets rid of the useless levers and springs. JDM cars being right hand drive never had this linkage, and trust me, the throttle response of the engine without it is so much better, you’d think it’s a different car altogether. JDM Supra Throttle Body UpgradeThe throttle pedal movement is a lot smoother and crispier, it gives you much faster response due to different ratios – it’s like a throttle pulley upgrade for Nissans. It’s one of the best feeling upgrades for the mkIII. It doesn’t give you more power, however power delivery is so much faster, that the car feels much stronger and more responsive.

Toyota Pistons & Rods vs. JE Pistons & Eagle Rods

May 26th, 2008

Supra Pistons vs JE PistonsHere is a photo depicting visual differences between Toyota Supra factory original pistons & connecting rods (on the far right) vs. JE pistons & Eagle rods (on the left). The piston skirt length and design is apparently different, and so is the piston ring thickness and location.

Supra Power Folding Mirrors

May 25th, 2008

A set of Supra Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) power folding mirrors was also installed. A control module was mounted in the passenger side door, inside a space already allocated at the factory (much like the space for the power door lock unit on the driver side). Additional wiring was added. Original power mirror switch was also replaced with a JDM unit equipped with a “retract” button. For a complete wiring diagram click here.

Gauge Cluster Backlight Mod

May 20th, 2008

Supra factory backlight tends to be a little yellow-ish. It is especially apparent when using Greddy Gauges. To minimize this effect we used a Green LED upgrade kit. It provides nice and green gauge light perfectly matching Greddy gauges (in this case Boost and Coolant Temperature). For those interested in changing the backlight to blue to match modern CD/mp3 players or gauges, a Blue Kit is also available.

Coil-Over-Plug Ignition Conversion

May 15th, 2008

Supra Ignition UpgradeIgnition Coil Conversion. It allows a conversion of stock ignition system from the original factory coil pack and spark plug wires system to Coil Over Plug system without the use of high voltage spark plug wires. The system utilizes original 7MGTE igniter in combination with HKS Twin Power DLI ignition amplifier. Spark plugs are standard.
Supra Ignition Upgrade ITEMS INSTALLED: Polished Aluminum Centre Plate, ground wire and new wiring harness connecting the new coils to the stock igniter wiring harness. The system utilizes six MkIV Toyota Supra Twin Turbo ignition coils. Also, the HKS Twin Power DLI module is used in the kit to provide optimum spark energy which DLI does by controlling the coil dwell time.

1989 7MGTE Toyota Supra – Project “Red”

April 1st, 2008

1989 Supra TurboHere is another example of a mkIII Supra that started as a fine stock specimen. With 190,000 km and minimal wear it became a perfect candinate for restoration and mods. Factory original red paint was replaced with “custom” red. Grey leather interior received an upgrade to two-tone grey-red combination. Stock internals in the 7MGTE motor with a few BPU upgrades to improve performance. Supra Engine ModsThey included: custom modified polished 3000 pipe with removed bottleneck, large intake pipe with Greddy type S blow-off valve, K&N cold air FIPK air filter mounted on a polished Lexus AFM. Exterior upgrades included JDM style clear turn signals and colour matching body mouldings. This Supra was on the right track towards more upgrades…

More MA70 restoration and upgrades

March 31st, 2008

Supra Interior UpgradeThe next step was to address a few quality issues. Brand new fog lights were purchased form Toyota to replace stone-chipped original units. Xenon-white bulbs replaced ordinary lightbulbs. Targa roof also received new treatment. New rubber seals were installed all the way around. Door seals were also replaced with brand new units. Same happened to the trunk seal. All new, nice and soft rubber. Next the old carpet went out, replaced with Black, molded 20oz cutpile factory-quality piece, with rubber soundproofing backing applied. Supra Ignition Upgrade Both, the cabin and trunk area sections were replaced. Brand new, factory Toyota leather shifter knob was also purchased and installed, matched with the black leather shifter boot covering a short shifter. It is a factory original unit modified the way that retains the original rubber bushings, helping with precise and quick shifts while retaining most of the original vibration-free feel. Center console armrest was also covered with new black leather.

AutoMeter Gauges

March 25th, 2008

Autometer GaugesOne of the next mods was an addition of AutoMeter gauges. First a double gauge pillar pod from Lo-Tek replaced the factory a-pillar trim. Then a pair of 2-1/16″ (52mm) gauges was installed: a boost gauge and a coolant temperature gauge, both with dashboard cluster matching green backlight. It seemed like a great addition, however, because the needles were not illuminated, night time readouts were less than perfect.

K&N Cold Air FIPK

March 22nd, 2008

1989 Supra TurboTo improve intake air delivery a K&N Cold Air FIPK kit was added. Installation was very easy, a drop-in application, although clearing the Greddy BOV was somewhat challenging. A polished stainless steel shield next to the intake was also added to reduce warm air intake coming through the radiator. Toyota factory Air Flow Meter (AFM) was polished to improve the appearance.

1989 7MGTE Toyota Supra – Project “Black”

March 21st, 2008

1989 Supra TurboOnly a couple of years ago this car was still a fairly stock version of the Toyota Supra Turbo. 130,000 km original mileage. No winters. Factory original Ruby Black paint, grey leather interior, stock internals in the 7MGTE motor. A few BPU mods were implemented to improve performance. They included: Suspension Techniques anti-sway bars, custom modified polished 3000 pipe with removed bottleneck, large intake pipe with Greddy type S blow-off valve, Fluidyne radiator, Greddy Turbo Timer, and TRD Style 320mm diameter steering wheel among others. Also present were front Greddy replica and rear Cusco tower braces to aid in torsional rigidity. The Supra was on the right track towards a few more upgrades…Supra Engine ModsIt shortly received reverse facing hood air scoop aiding in evacuating hot air from the engine bay, polished aluminum upper radiator pipe, TRD oil filler cap to dress up the engine bay as well as aluminum race-style pedals.

CT26 Upgrades: HP + FAQ

March 16th, 2008

CT26 (stock):
Compressor Inducer: 1.75″
Compressor Exducer: 2.559″
Turbine Minor: 1.97″
Turbine Major: 2.36″

Good for approx ~31lb/min (about 450cfm) of airflow, around 13.5psi. I would not exceed 13.5psi, though you will hear of people pushing 20psi. If you want the turbo to last, do not exceed 13.5psi.

CT26 Upgraded:
The CT26 upgrade is great for those on a budget, or if you want a super-fast spool. The upgrade consists of sending your stock turbo off to a turbocharger shop, and having them bore out the compressor inlet to fit a larger compressor wheel into the CT26. Generally, T04e wheels are used, though I have heard of T04b wheels being used. Bang for the buck, it is hard to beat the upgraded CT26.

The downside to that great spool, is you still have the restrictive exhaust.

Upgrade levels one may choose from:
50 trim – Considered the most reliable upgrade.
Compressor Inducer: 2.12″
Compressor Exducer: 3.00″
The T04e 50 trim wheel is rated @ 44lbs/min @ 2.0PR, and 65% efficiency at that point.

57 trim – The most popular upgrade, while still being very reliable.
Compressor Inducer: 2.23″
Compressor Exducer: 2.95″
The T04e 57 trim wheel is rated @ ~40lbs/min @ 2.0PR, and 60% efficiency at that point. Raymond Khublal in Orlando, FL has laid down 422.1 rwhp/460.2 rwtq as shown on with this turbo.

60 trim – Not to be confused with the 60-1 upgrade, this is a less reliable variation of the 57 trim. More power is to be expected from the 60trim vs the 57trim.
Compressor Inducer: 2.29″
Compressor Exducer: 2.95″
The T04e 60 trim wheel is rated @ ~46/min @ 2.0PR, and 65% efficiency at that point.

60-1 (T04b) The 60-1 is a T04b wheel, and the biggest seen on a CT26. The least reliable upgrade, but has made the most known power.
Compressor Inducer: 2.324″
Compressor Exducer: 2.95″
The T04b 60-1 wheel is rated @ 56lbs/min @ 2.0PR, and 65% efficiency at that point.

These wheels are rated at a specific flow WITHIN their own respective compressor covers. The CT26 cover is small, so you will not get the 56lbs/min you want with the 60-1. This also holds true with the T04e 50 trim – it seems the best on paper, but we have yet to see one crack 350hp.