Supra Used Car Parts

1989 7MGTE Toyota Supra – Project “Black”

1989 Supra TurboOnly a couple of years ago this car was still a fairly stock version of the Toyota Supra Turbo. 130,000 km original mileage. No winters. Factory original Ruby Black paint, grey leather interior, stock internals in the 7MGTE motor. A few BPU mods were implemented to improve performance. They included: Suspension Techniques anti-sway bars, custom modified polished 3000 pipe with removed bottleneck, large intake pipe with Greddy type S blow-off valve, Fluidyne radiator, Greddy Turbo Timer, and TRD Style 320mm diameter steering wheel among others. Also present were front Greddy replica and rear Cusco tower braces to aid in torsional rigidity. The Supra was on the right track towards a few more upgrades…Supra Engine ModsIt shortly received reverse facing hood air scoop aiding in evacuating hot air from the engine bay, polished aluminum upper radiator pipe, TRD oil filler cap to dress up the engine bay as well as aluminum race-style pedals.